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JISU Holds the Theme Class Meetings on the Spirit of President Qin He’s Speech at the Opening Ceremony
Oct 6, 2020 04:40 PM   Student Affairs Office 审核人:

On the evening of October 4th, each class in JISU held meetings organized by instructors with the theme of “strive for success and let your dream fly”. After carefully studying the speech and spirit of president Qin He at the opening ceremony and commendation conference of the 2020-2021 academic year, students in each class expressed their determination to establish a right study concept. At the same time, they also adhere to JISU’s motto of “Connect Foreign Countries with China and Undertake Life-long Learning”, and strive to be high-quality professional talents to make contributions to the development of China.

The Class Meeting of the School of International Economics and Trade

The Class Meeting of the School of International Cultural Tourism

The Class Meeting of the School of Education

All schools attached great importance to the class meetings. They publicized the theme of the meeting by making full use of resources such as electric screens, Wechat, Weibo, and publicity boards to create a favorable atmosphere. During the meeting, students listened to assistants positively and shared their feelings and experience actively. They were not only amazed by the 25-year development of JISU, but also inspired by President Qin He’s expectations. All in all, they gained a lot from the speech at the opening ceremony.

        The Class Meeting of the School International Media

Xu Han, a Chinese language and literature major student from the School of International Media, said, “the words of President Qin He at the opening ceremony encouraged me a lot and let me look forward to my four-year study in JISU. ” “The man who don’t step up the road further will not have the chance to appreciate the beauty along the road” strengthens my original determination. “The year 2020, such an extraordinary year, it allows our generation to shoulder more missions and learn to be strong and become responsible. The year 2020 has witnessed the fate between JISU and me, and between our teachers and students. I will cherish and enjoy the journey in the campus and hopefully I can be stronger and be my better self.”

Class Meeting of the School of Education

Xu Xiliang, an English-Japanese major student from the School of Oriental Languages, said, “What President Qin He says encourages me greatly and what impresses me most is the sentence ‘Learn Foreign Languages Well to Become a Qualified Chinese’. JISU provides for us a platform to study foreign languages, which facilitates all students to master some languages skills to communicate with other countries; what is more important for us to do is to be a qualified Chinese citizen and to promote the spirit of the Chinese nation. I just hope to be an outstanding student in JISU and make contributions to China.”

The Class Meeting of the School of International Business Administration

Zheng Tong, an accounting major student from the School of International Business Administration from class 2002, said, “the speech of President Qin He encourages me greatly. My dream has set sail towards success when I was admitted to JISU. I will stride forward without hesitation, work harder to make progress, and persist in my dream, leaving the most splendid achievements in my prime years, no matter how difficult it is in the future. Today, I am proud of JISU, and JISU will be proud of me in the future.


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