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JISU Adds One More National Social Science Late-stage Funding Project
Oct 19, 2020 09:41 AM   Academic Research Office 审核人:

On October 14, the list of projects approved by the National Social Science Fund for late-stage funding and outstanding doctoral dissertation publication for 2020 was announced. Collation and Annotation of Wangyun applied by Professor Lv Penglin of JISU was approved among the late-stage funding projects of the National Social Science Fund. This is another major breakthrough in our scientific research project at the national level. In the past four years, JISU has been approved by the National Social Science Fund projects, the Ministry of Education Humanities and a total of 11 Social Science projects.

On the basis of his published work, Annotation of Yupian, Professor Lv reiterates the three principles of Hanzi’s pronunciation in the Collation and Annotation of Wangyun and applies them to the annotation. He emphasizes that instead of giving annotation to the character, sound or meaning individually, he highlights the connection of form, sound and meaning, while breaking down the boundary between the past and the present.

Collation and Annotation of Wangyun, covering the fields of philology and exegesis, can be used as a reference book for both the vast number of phonology researchers and ancient Chinese languages learners. It serves as an important foundation for investigating and studying modern Chinese dialects and promoting Putonghua, as well as for determining and stipulating the standard pronunciation of Hanzi in modern Chinese word dictionaries or teaching. It can be used to collate and collect ancient books, especially similar ancient books. It can also be used as a reference book to for studying and learn more about the ancient Chinese history and understanding ancient Chinese society. It is more reliable than Guangyun in the study of Qieyun and Qieyun phonological system. In terms of the form of Chinese characters, it can provide a form that has not be found in various dictionaries so far; it can advance some etymologies of Grand Chinese Dictionary HANYU DA ZIDIAN and enrich the electronic Chinese character data base word stock, making it more convenient to translate ancient books to computers and mobile phones. In terms of word meaning, it can also provide the exegesis which is not found in other books to find the source or the missing intermediate link of the exegesis.

Collation and Annotation of Wangyun is the crystallization of years of achievements accumulated by Professor Lv. JISU will take this opportunity to continue to concentrate its advantages, highlight its characteristics, integrate resources and focus on promotion. In doing so, we will support our teachers to make achievements in more symbolic, high-level and diversified scientific research and promote the further development of scientific research.

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