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Staff Regulations
Oct 22, 2018 03:46 PM   审核人:

1. Be loyal to country and nation. Be respectful to justice and abide by the laws.
2. The school’s primary concern is for the students to succeed in life and career. It’s the purpose of the school to cultivate students with education, administration and service.
3. Dedication, profession, responsibility and efficiency are considered essential qualifications of staff. The staffs should set the work style of strictness, exactness and carefulness.
4. Follow rules and regulation of the school. Follow the schedule and attend activities. Participation in social works are encouraged.  
5. Be honest and self-disciplined. Stick to principles of being a simple person and doing work dependably. Bribery is forbidden.
7. Keep a holistic view toward work and be responsible for individual work.
8. Be patient, passionate, and kind as well as accurate while solving problems in work.
9.No chatting and other irrelevant business during work time. No phone calls and absencesin meetings. Mobile phones should be switched to mute mode in public.
10.Keep a clean and decent appearance. Professional clothing at work is advocated. Do not wear hair dye or heavy makeup. No smoking, drinking or gambling.
11.Keep good manners so as to set a good example for the students. It is forbidden to instruct students for personal affairs, and forbidden to contact with students in abnormal way.
12. Be polite, respectful and honest with colleagues at work. The address between colleagues should be formal.
13. No bribery in work, and it is forbidden to use the school equipment for personal affairs.
14. Protect public property and keep public sanitation of school. Be thrifty.

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