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Sun Lihui
Nov 11, 2018 03:33 PM   审核人:

Professor Sun Lihui received a Master's degree at Guangzhou’s Jinan University and is known as the Master's supervisor, and is the Dean of the School of International Business and Management at Jilin International Studies University (JISU). He formerly served as the Dean of the Business School of Jilin University of Finance and Economics.

Professor Sun Lihui has engaged in marketing, marketing management research, brand research and other courses and research work. He served as the Executive Director of China's Marketing Education Research Society, Director of the Chinese Market Institute, Deputy Secretary General and Executive Director of the Jilin Market Association and Vice President of Jilin Commercial Economical Society.

He has achieved the honor of Outstanding Contributions from Young and Middle-aged Professional Technical Talents, top innovative talents, and Teaching Master in Jilin. He has also received the honor of the Outstanding Contributions of Young and Middle-aged Professional Technical Talents in Changchun, "Contemporary Chinese Young and Middle-aged Business and Economic Experts and Scholars" and other titles.

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