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Yin Xiuli
Nov 9, 2018 03:36 PM   审核人:

Yin Xiuli, who graduated from and taught at Changchun University, is now the Dean of the English College At Jilin Huaqiao University of foreign languages.

She has been a visiting scholar at the Embassy CES in the United Kingdom, and a senior visiting scholar at the School of Foreign Languages at Peking University. Ms Yin has taught subjects including Basic English, English Listening, English Translation, News English Interpretation, College English Intensive Reading and other courses.
She is the leader of the English language and literature (English language and teaching research) of provincial key disciplines, the head of College English of provincial quality courses, and the head of the College English teaching team of the provincial excellent teaching team. 

She has been honored as the "famous teacher," "excellent female volunteers" and "teaching model" in Jilin Province, as well as the title of the “Red Flag Bearer” in Changchun.

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